Social Media

Our professionals can significantly grow your social audience using effective methods that are proven to create success.
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Social Media

Our professionals can significantly grow your social audience using effective methods that are proven to create success.

Buil Your Brand

Our team understands how to develop a strategy that not only gets you more likes, but also builds a relationship with your customers that leads to more revenue.

Our Approach to Social Media Marketing

Fantasy Web Design has developed a solid process of creating social media marketing strategies that work. This starts with identifying goals that go beyond just likes and shares. These are good metrics, but the metrics that matter are leads, conversions and other measurable statistics relate to return on investment (ROI).

Once a goal is established, it is important to do some research to decide which social networks will work best to achieve your goals. Most companies will want to have at least Facebook, Twitter and Google + because they offer broad benefits. Each social network has a different audience and purpose, it is important to choose those that align with your message.

Next is setting-up and optimizing each social media profile. You need to look at each profile individually, as the message may change for each network. It is important to fill out each profile completely, cross-promote your social profiles and optimize text and images to fit each network.

How Social Media Works

Give us a shout to learn more about how our social media marketing can help you.

Social Media Marketing Questions

What is SMM?

SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. It is the process of increasing brand awareness, as well as increasing traffic and conversions on your website. This is achieved by building an audience and providing them with quality content that keeps them engaged.

Can SMM Work for My Business

Social marketing does not work for every business, but in most cases it can work for yours. The best question to ask yourself is, are my customers online? If you answer yes, then there is a pretty good chance that this type of marketing will work.

Do You Create the Posts?

Yes. We have a team of designers and creative thinkers that develop posts that cater to your specific audience. The posts will change over time as we gather data on what type of posts are creating the most engagement. If you want to make a post, we can always work that in.

How Long to See Results?

You will immediately see results as far as building an audience. Seeing that audience turn into conversions may take months depending on what product or service you have. We will track the success carefully and provide reports so you can judge for yourself.

Do You Set-Up My Social Profiles?

Yes. Our team will set-up any social media profiles you do not have set-up. If you already have profiles set-up, we will go through and optimize your account to ensure it is done correctly. In either case, it is important for us to implement our techniques into your profiles.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost will vary depending on how often we are making posts and the amount of interaction that is taking place. The price can range from $195 per month to $995 per month. We also develop custom strategies for larger projects.

Can SMM Increase Leads / Revenue

Yes. This is our main goal. While having brand awareness is nice, it is not valuable unless it turns into leads or sales. Our strategy is to build an audience on social media and turn that into traffic on your website. We measure the results by tracking conversions.

Can I Pay for Ads on Social Media?

Yes. Running ads on social media is part of a pay per click campaign, where you pay for each visitor to your site. This ties in closely with an organic campaign. The difference is an organic campaign drives traffic and conversions by building an audience and guiding them to your site using quality content.

Do I Get Reports?

Yes. Fantasy Web Design always provides detailed reports monthly so you can see the progress of your campaign. We track the growth of your audience, the conversions created from social media sites and your return on investment.

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